Society Development

Creating a better tomorrow for us all and reshaping widespread unemployment, mass poverty, degeneration in public health, acute drop in life expectancy of Nigerian citizens.

Create Changed Community

We want to create a changed community, identifies systemic public corruption, entrenched centralization of political power, pseudo-federalism, political hegemony, policy inconsistency and ethical crises.

Donation & Contribution

Join us today and make a better donation to the society and contribute in the society rapid development and help us in creating a better Nigeria. Your Donation Counts.

About Us

Givers Party of Nigeria in tandem with best Progressive traditions will stay true to the belief that every life is sacrosanct and that every Nigerian has a right within established laws to pursue goodwill, prosperity, happiness and fulfilment in any part of Nigeria. Givers Party of Nigeria seek to PROMOTE positive value of Nigeria’s cultural past, ethics driven civilization, economic and technological growth and development driven by home grown and domesticated scientific cum scholarly advancement.

The Givers Party of Nigeria believes that the Federal Government should concern itself only with the business of National Defence, Foreign Relations, Servicing of Federal Institutions, Administraion of Federal Jurisdiction, ensuring Harmonious Relations between federating entities and taking the lead in setting the National Socio-Economic Development Agenda.

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Why Choose Us


We are very sincere in all things we do, no grudges.


We incure into make sure we are sincere in all things we are doing, we constitute of great team who are ready to serve the nation not wainting for the nation to serve them.


We make sure all out particpant are very convicted the worls assigned to them.


All our Participant are convicted to the works assingnd to them they make sure they completet each tast no matter what it takes for them to achieve it.


We are bold enough to face event the worst challenges of all time.


We Will make sure we face any kind of challenges that might happen and bring out the best of all of us.


We believe in the power of serving the people not the people serving us


We will make sure we serve the people not expecting the people to serve no matter what, because the quality of a good leader is serving his people

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Givers Party of Nigeria Campain

Givers Party of Nigeria Will be Holding a Live Campain for The Post of General House of Senate

News of GPN Nigeria

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Givers Party of Nigerai has now been officially lauched and registered as a genuine party in Nigeria

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What People Say About US
John Doe

I believe in the creation of thhe new Nigeiran and that is why i have given my full support to this party because i know they have something to change the nigerians and give us a new hope

Repsen Johanna

I have been hearing about change of the nation form many party but this Givers Party of Nigeria i think they are diferent they really mean to change the nation.